Multilingual Microsite Pricing

ExpoWorld's Multilingual Microsites are available on annual subscription. The subscription currency and price will be calculated with reference to the country where the subscriber is registered. These annual subscriptions are as follows:

EUR 169 p.a. - All countries that use the Euro and\or are members of the European Union\European Economic Area.

GBP 149 p.a. - The United Kingdom, Gibraltar, The Channel Islands, St. Helena, The Isle of Man, and The Falkland Islands.

USD - All other countries and territories*. For these countries, there are 3 price bands based on the World Bank's Income classification:

  1. USD 189 p.a. - High income countries.
  2. USD 135 p.a. - Upper & lower middle income countries.
  3. USD 99 p.a. - Low income countries.

The subscription will have an activated auto-renewal function. If you leave this "On", our price promise is that there will be no price increase when the subscription renews. If you do not want to renew, you simply have to turn this to "Off". (You can find this under the "Subscription" tab in the Administrative Page when you login.)

N.B. U.K. Value Added Tax (VAT) will be applied where appropriate.

*Due to embargo restrictions, we are unable to accept subscription requests from: Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Russia and Syria.