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Microsites contain a condensed profile of the key elements of your company. They are therefore rich in keywords and phrases which are scanned and indexed by online search engines. This makes it easier for potential partners to find you when making online searches.

Multilingual Microsites are simply different language versions of your Microsite. People will generally make an initial online search in their mother tongue. By having an online presence in these languages, you have a much better probability of being found in any first round of searches.

See an example of a Multilingual Microsite.

How do they work?

It is a fact that most people search online in their own language.

  • Your Multilingual Microsite captures these foreign language searches for your products and services.
  • From the content of the Multilingual Microsite, potential partners can quickly see if it makes sense for them to contact you – and if so, are directed either to the relevant person in your company or to the relevant section(s) of your Home Website.

Briefly, The Key Benefits are:

  1. The foreign language content ensures that the online search engines will index your products and services in these languages.
  2. Foreign language visitors can read about your company, its products and services in their own language.
  3. The additional backlinks from your Multilingual Microsite will also improve the SEO of your Home Website. (Just use one of the many online tools for checking backlinks to your Home Website to check this out).

Making the most of your Multilingual Microsite

To maximise the potential your Multilingual Micosite offers, you should concentrate on 2 main areas:

  1. Keywords and Phrases: There is a section where you can list keywords and phrases. If you need help in developing this list, you should first of all check what is published on your Home Website - and then consider if any more should be added. Again, there are online tools which can help you to generate these keywords and phrases. (See also: TTS's eGuide: SEO - The Importance of Keywords and Phrases.)
  2. The description of your company: This must grab the visitor's attention - and should include your keywords and phrases. It should differentiate your company from your competitors - especially in international markets. It should be rich in differentiating keywords and phrases. In Multilingual Microsites - Configuration Guide & Check List.pdf we provide some guidance on how you can do this.

Why should you subscribe?

If you are considering entering the international market or increasing your presence there, subscribing to multilingual microsites should be one of your first actions.

  1. They are very easy and quick to set up.
  2. An absolute breeze to maintain.
  3. Incredibly low, fixed annual cost (thanks to AI).

Your Critical First Step into International Markets

By first subscribing to the microsite option, you can make the decision to make any additional investment on a language-by-language, country-by-country basis having first reviewed the results from your Multilingual Microsite.


If you have any interest at all in international trade* - no matter whether you are actively trading internationally or just considering taking the first steps -then your Multilingual Microsite will significantly open up your potential. Assuming that we've convinced you - just go to the registration page, subscribe - and open up to the world.

*Multilingual Microsites are not just for exporters. There are also many opportunities out there:

  • To improve your supply chain by finding new suppliers.
  • For domestic business service providers to offer services to foreign clients.