Configuration Guide & Check List

For a complete guide and full listing of all the options available download: Multilingual Microsites - Configuration Guide & Check List.pdf. However, the Configuration Pages have been designed to be as easy as possible to complete. Most options consist of dropdown lists, or standard alphanumeric responses (e.g. addresses, registration numbers etc.).Briefly, there are 6 Sections to the Configuration Pages:

  • Keywords and Phrases: Add the keywords and phrases that identify and distinguish your company, its products and services. (See also TTS’s eGuide: SEO – The Importance of Keywords and Phrases.)
  • Heading: The company name, logo, trademarks, web address - and the all-important company description. (If you are participating in a Virtual Trade Mission, the first two lines will also be used in the Exhibitors’ directory as an introduction to your company.)
  • Company Profile: Trading address, turnover, employees, industry sector(s), product classification(s), sales contact.
  • Partners & Suppliers: Membership of Chambers of Commerce & Industry Associations, criteria for new partners and suppliers.
  • Company Contacts: General, sales, business partner and purchasing contacts.
  • Registered Details: Company Certifications & Licences, Date of Registration, Registered Number and Address, and VAT Number.

If you don’t finish the configuration in a single session, this is no problem. By clicking “Save” the details will be saved for completion and editing at a later time. By clicking “Save" and "Publish” the details will be saved and the Microsite published online. You can change the published details at any time by editing the details you have already registered.