Here we give an example of a Multilingual Microsite. Please note that this company does not exist - therefore the links and email addresses will not work. This example is purely to show what a Multilingual Microsite looks like and to give you ideas as to how you could structure your Multilingual Microsite.

You should note that you can add any keywords missing from the overall profile for your company, its products and services. These will all be translated and published as meta data in the Headings of each language version of your Microsite. Therefore, although they will not be visible, they will be indexed by the search engines.

Depending upon your browser, you can view these keywords online by right clicking on the Microsite web page and choosing “View Page Source” (or similar). You will see the keywords near the top of the page following the string

<meta name="keywords" content=

In the example we provide, in the English language version you can see the keywords:

<meta name="keywords" content="Gin; Craft Gin; English Sparkling Wines; Ginger Beer; English Table Wines;">

N.B. Please also note that when you open a foreign language version of the Multilingual Microsite, your browser may automatically translate that version into your language.